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Think Blue. Championship 2012 – China Golf BlueMotion Championship
Any driver who is good at fuel-saving can enroll at designated FAW-VW dealerships by downloading Blue Mobility APP. Winner(s) will represent China at Volkswagen Think Blue. 2013 Championship which is to be held in September in Berlin, Germany.
China Qualifications: 2013.7.15-2013.8.8 (nationwide)
China Finals: 2013.8.17 (Beijing)
World Championship: 2013.9.6-2013.9.10 (Germany)

Enrollment Method 1 :

  • Register at designated FAW-VW dealerships. Click here to check dealership network
  • Top 5 players from each dealership area group (6 groups in total) will be eligible to enter the China grand finale.

Enrollment Method 2 :

Learn more about the rules
Blue Mobility APP tracks and analyzes your rides. It can tell you if your driving behavior is eco friendly or not.
  • Tutorial
  • Blue Mobility APP tracks and analyzes your rides, letting you know whether or not your driving habits are eco-friendly. Blue Mobility APP even provides you with your very own Eco-Score and tells you how much money saving potential you would have.
  • A low Eco-Score means that you are wasting fuel and could be doing more to save money. It also lets you know that you're melting the world's ice floes!
  • A high Eco-Score means that you are driving eco friendly: increasing the amount of ice floes and saving the polar bears!
  • More blue driving tips Login to check driving results
Think Blue Championship Rank (15 Jul - 8 Aug)

* This leaderboard only shows the score of top 10 users from each category.